Alex Mandossian

An Open Letter to Book Authors, Info Marketers, Publishers and Other Entrepreneurial CEOs ...

"This is How My Chance Encounter With Al Gore Shattered the Biggest Myth In Publishing History and Uncovered My Breakthrough Discovery to Promote More Books (and Info Products) Faster, Better, with Less Effort ... Even When the Major Publishers Reject Your Book Proposals"

Dear Infopreneur,

The story I'm about to share with you is unarguably true...

It happened to me on November 20th, 2002. It was the night that would change my life and the lives of hundreds of other authors and information marketers ... forever!

The scene was a warm autumn evening as I was driving to a restaurant in Corte Madera, CA. When I arrived ... for some reason ... the parking lot was packed.

Quietly grumbling, I parked my car several blocks away and began walking toward the restaurant. Across the walkway was a famous independent book store called Book Passage that had a huge crowd impatiently standing outside the front door.

Obviously this is why the parking lot was so full.

I asked a passer by what was going on. "It's Al and Tipper Gore", she said. "They're signing their new book," and she proudly held up her copy of “Joined at the Heart” so I could see it.

Interesting ... it's not every day a former vice president and his wife are in the neighborhood, I thought to myself.

Then I walked into the restaurant across the walkway, but kept wondering how the book signing was going. After all, these were two very prominent figures. They had most likely pulled a hefty profit from their appearance.

So on the way back to my car, I ducked inside the book store — which was now emptying—and asked the woman behind the counter, "How many books did you sell?"

The lady shrugged her shoulders and replied, "It was amazing," she said with enthusiasm. "Probably several hundred!" she added.


Her Answer Shocked Me

I remember thinking: Here's a former Vice President of the United States. Eight years
in office ...

... he's dragging himself—and his wife—all over the country from bookstore to bookstore, airport to airport, hotel room to hotel room, signing for hours on end ...

... they're pitching and pedalling their new best-selling book ... and together they could only sell a few hundred copies at book signings?

Wow! There MUST be a better way, right?!!

Back to my story ...

So as I drove home that evening, the wheels started turning and a smile appeared on my face with the cheerful expectancy of answering these four BIG "What if?" questions:

What if ... an author (or info marketer) could gather not just dozens, but thousands of people who were interested in a book (or info product) in one place for an up-close-and-personal chat?
What if ... an author (or info marketer) could do this in the comfort of their own home, without extensive travel, hotel stays and city-to-city drudgery?
And what if ... that same author (or info marketer) could sell not just a few hundred, but a few THOUSAND books (or info products) every single time they did this?
And finally, what if ... an author (or info marketer) could make $10,000 or $20,000 or even $50,000 (in additional book or info product sales) through "repurposing" their topic of a direct result of just ONE of these events?

"Now that would be interesting!" I thought to myself as my smile grew wider.

And before I had pulled into my driveway at home, the seeds of an entirely new book marketing and distribution method were planted.

I decided to call it the "Virtual Book Tour Secrets™" and today I teach authors and info marketers how they too can utilize this system to promote more books and info products faster, better, with less effort ... even if major publishers reject them!

Click here to order your copy of the Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ course now.

It Just Didn't Happen Over Night

Over the next 44 months, I tested my new idea (which now is a new and improved book and information marketing and distribution system that's withstood the test of time) and put into practice with a variety of authors.

And I'm not just talking about any run-of-the-mill authors. I'm talking about New York Times best-selling authors such as:

Dr. Stephen Covey
The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective People

(Recorded Live on 10/14/06)

Jack Canfield
The Success Principles
(Recorded Live on 4/18/07)

T. Harv Eker
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
(Recorded Live on 2/16/05)

Mireille Guiliano
French Women Don't Get Fat
(Recorded Live on 8/11/05)

Donald Trump
Think Big and Kick Ass
in Business and Life

(Recorded Live on 1/31/08)

Julie Andrews
Home: A Memoir of
My Early Years

(Recorded Live on 4/02/08)

David Bach
Go Green, Live Rich
(Recorded Live on 4/03/08)

Harvey Mackay
We Got Fired!
(Recorded Live on 11/23/06)

Marci Shimoff
Happy For No Reason
(Recorded Live on 1/10/08)

MaryEllen Tribby
Changing The Channel
(Recorded Live on 5/28/09)

Lisa Nichols
No Matter What!
(Recorded Live on 5/06/09)

Roxanne Emmerich
Thank God It's Monday
(Recorded Live on5/19/09)

And Best Selling Co-Authored Books

Chris & Janet Attwood
The Passion Test
(Recorded Live on 6/20/07)

Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks
Spirit Centered Relationships
(Recorded Live on 4/18/06)

Mark Victor Hansen
& Robert Allen

Cracking the Millionaire Code
(Recorded Live on 6/06/05)

Alan Bernstein
& John Trauth

Retire Your Way
(Recorded Live on 11/19/06)

Chris & Ann Frederick
Stretch To Win
(Recorded Live on 12/05/06)

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Workweek
(Recorded Live on 6/28/07)

Even Renowned Info Marketing Authors

Joe Vitale
The Attractor Factor
(Recorded Live on 4/05/05)

Loral Langemeier
The Millionaire Maker
(Recorded Live on 2/28/06)

Connie Bennett
Sugar Shock
(Recorded Live on 1/17/07)

Lynn Pierce
Breakthrough To Success
(Recorded Live on 6/17/07)

Doug Andrew
Last Chance Millionaire
(Recorded Live on 7/17/07)

Christine Comaford-Lynch
Rules for Renegades
(Recorded Live on 8/14/07)

And Renowned Self-Published Authors

Raymond Aaron
Double Your Income Doing What You Love
(Recorded Live on 2/21/08)

Dave Mathison
Be The Media
(Recorded Live on 10/16/07)

Bobbi DePorter
Quantum Success
(Recorded Live on 6/12/06)

Jim Jacobson
How to Meditate
with Your Dog

(Recorded Live on 3/14/07)

Lynn Dralle
The 100 Best Things
I've Sold on eBay

(Recorded Live on 4/19/06)

Steve Allen
You Can't Take It With You
(Recorded Live on 11/23/07)

Blair Singer
Little Voice Mastery
(Recorded Live on 3/24/09)

Lise Janelle
Conversations with the Heart
(Recorded Live on 4/30/09)

Paul McCormick
Secrets of the
Millionaire Inside

(Recorded Live on 5/14/09)

Want to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour Together and Access My Online Database?

Here's the deal: Anyone who wants to conduct a live Virtual Book or Info Marketing Tour with me can arrange to do so with one call at (415) 493-5567.

If you're not a student or alumni, your total cost is $4,500 and for that one-time fee, here's what I promise to do for you.

  • Read your book and/or information product
  • Create and structure the Interview questions
  • Pay for all the website development/design
  • Pay and arrange for the bridge-line/webcast
  • Schedule a live broadcast date (need 3 weeks)
  • Pay for the recording and editing of the call
  • Email my online list (world's largest for VBTs)
  • Post the recording on my blog with the others

I can guess what you're thinking right now: "How many units (books or info products) can we sell together?"

The answer is 18 to 3,200 units because that's my track record in over 5 years of doing VBTs. (Those are my stats from the live calls. You can double and even triple those figures after your VBT gets posted on my blog for life!)

Frankly, those numbers aren't too shabby when you consider that the typical "physical" book tour sells an average of 4 to 10 books per appearance. And don't forget, you have to travel from bookstore to bookstore which is costly and inconvenient.

Here's the heart of the matter: The point of a VBT isn't just to sell books and info products. The point of a VBT is also to get you more exposure and reach for your topic so you can get radio, TV and newspaper interviews. Finally, the point of a VBT is to foster and encourage more joint ventures and strategies alliances.

Virtual Book Tours empower your info marketing exposure and reach and your book or info product is just a tool to help you get there faster, better and easier!

That said, if you decide to order my Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ course... you'll get instant access to all of the marketing and promotional advantages revealed in this 4-Module course AND you'll get the "friends and family" rate of conducting a VBT with me for $2,000.

SUMMARY: VBT Students and Alumni can conduct a VBT with me for $2,000 and I'll pick up the tab of the web development, recordings, I'll email my list and then post on my blog for life! Doesn't it make sense to click here and request your copy of this program now?

You Don't Even Have To Be Famous

The best news of all is that you don't have to be a famous, nationally published or a best-selling author to make my Virtual Book Tour™ ("VBT") Secrets work for you.

Over the years, I've gotten a PhD. from the school of "HK" (Hard Knocks) ... I've figuratively bloodied my nose and skinned my knees in the marketplace through a month-by-month, day-by-day harrowing 4½ year journey of trial-and-error.

And with each VBT, I reshaped and refined the process until I at last came upon the right combination of marketing principles, strategies, and tactics that deliver any author or info marketer massive sales and profits time and time again.

Every Business is an Info Marketing Business

Do you agree with that claim?

If you don't then let me ask you a few questions so I can support and even prove to you that Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ isn't just for authors and info publishers ...

Question #1: Do you own a business card?
Question #2: Do you have a website or blog?
Question #3: Do you maintain voice mail?
Question #4: Do you send thank you letters?

I could go on and on, but if you answered "YES" to any of the four questions listed above, then your business is an info marketing business.

Granted, you may not "market information" for a profit, but you utilize information to market your business. Wouldn't you agree?

The point I'm getting at is that this Virtual Book Tour course was specifically designed not just for authors and info publishers, but more specifically for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses faster, better and easier.

If you feel you're one of them, then click here to request your copy now!

“I've exceeded last year's income in the first four months of this year.”

"Rarely in life's journey do we cross paths with someone whose excellence in what they do is matched by the enormous heart with which they do it. Through taking Alex Mandossian's courses and using his principles, I've exceeded last year's income in the first four months of this year. My advice – if you want to accomplish more, in less time, and with less human effort - go get his stuff and go use this stuff!"

Jeff Herring
The Article Marketing Guy


Register VBT Blog Video Reviews Bonus Gifts Guarantee FAQs

Date:   June 16, 2024
Re:       Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ (and Info Marketing)
            Advanced Home-Study Course

Dear Colleague,

If you've read this far, then I now consider you a "colleague" and want you to carefully read the Rave Reviews from the 27 world-famous Thought Leaders below.

I could go on and on why it makes sense for you to give my Virtual Book Tour (VBT) Secrets™ course a fair try, but I'm going to let my other colleagues try to convince you instead ... before I have you read on.

Fair enough?

Many of these Thought Leaders (below) consider me the "Larry King" or "Oprah" of Teleseminars and although I don't know if that's true, I do know that I'm pretty good at interviewing authors, info marketers and entrepreneurial CEOs on the telephone.

And I also know that I have assisted the 27 Thought Leaders (you see below) how to transform good Teleseminars into GREAT Teleseminars by interviewing and training them on the finer points of "virtual" public speaking.

Read on, please ... to get their side of the story ...

Here Are 27 More Reasons Why It Makes Sense For You To Train With Alex Mandossian

The "Law of Attraction" Teacher

“I have been interviewed by a lot of people over the past 38 years, but I have never ever been with anyone who interviews as well as Alex does. I now know why he's got a phenomenal reputation.”

The Father of Guerrilla Marketin

“I hope you take time to listen to this man because he'll teach you how to convert your shyest, most skeptical prospects into lifelong customers.”


Self-help and Personal Transformation Pioneer

“Alex is the master at teaching the 'outer game' to Entrepreneurial professionals. He has taught me how to better utilize the leveraging power of Teleseminars to elicit and accelerate the personal transformations of my students.”

Founder of the
BIG Seminar

“I've been doing teleseminars since 1996 and I can tell you this: There is no one more qualified to teach you about teleseminars than Alex Mandossian and believe me I have heard everybody out in the marketplace.”


Voice Coach to Celebrity Singers

“Alex convinced me to take his Teleseminar Secrets course because his marketing techniques obviously worked on me! I took his trainings because I wanted to learn how he did it, and I did ... Why re-invent the wheel?”

Personal & Business Success Authority

“Alex is a real professional! I very much enjoy working with him and wish him all the best of continued success with Teleseminars in the
years ahead.”


List-Building Internet Marketing Guru

“I dectupled my income after the first 3 months of taking Alex's Teleseminar Secrets for the first time. I became a 'Partner' of his shortly thereafter. Alex's secrets have changed my life.”

World-Renowned "Infotainer" and Trainer

“I have never been more impressed by a marketing mentor than Alex Mandossian because he really knows how to create a profound and emotionally based relationship with students.”


Founder of Largest Public Speaker Ezine

“The strategies that I learned from Alex have made me a small fortune in my
Internet business.”

Humanitarian, Author and Speaker

“Alex is a master's master at teleseminars because he delivers the content that he promises without fail.”


America's Highest Paid Marketing Consultant

“Alex is the 'pre-eminent' strategist when it comes to teleseminar marketing. Study his interviews. Follow his teachings - he really knows what he's talking about.”

"Ezine Queen" and Million-Dollar Online Coach

“No one knows more about marketing and making money with teleseminars than Alex Mandossian. Period!”


Author and Co-Inventor of "The Tingler"

“Alex gives his students an "unbelievable" amount of information, time and energy and his teletrainings provide uniquely valuable networking opportunities.”

Special Advisor to Five U.S. Presidents

“I'm looking forward to repurposing my Teleseminar interviews with Alex into high-content, weekly Podcasts that are instantly downloaded.”


Author of #1 Bestseller, The Attractor Factor

“I've never seen so many moneymaking strategies that are so drop-dead powerful.”

 Alex, I'm Ready To Get Started Now » 

World-renowned Internet Marketer

“What Alex delivers is solid content based on his world-class Teleseminar marketing expertise. There's really no one else in the world like him.”

Author, Guerrilla Marketing Thought Leader

“If you've ever attended any of Alex's conferences, you know he's quite the literary king of teleseminars!" ”


Guru on Automated, Moneymaking Websites

“Alex Mandossian is one of the most polished and 'systematic' marketers… and he really understands how to a grow any business with teleseminars”

Founder of "The Genius Network"

“Alex has the most prepared methods of teaching from the physical stage and 'virtual stage' of teleseminars. I give him our highest recommendation - as a colleague, partner, friend.”


The "Napoleon Hill of the 21st Century"

“Alex advised us to conduct 4 teleseminars to fill my 7-day 'Breakthrough To Success' seminar. After 2 calls, we filled our 400-person room and had a waiting list of 73 people. That's how effective Alex's techniques are.”

World-Renowned Keynote Speaker and Trainer

“To be successful in the professional speaking business and in life ... you must do what it takes to know your audience. No one does this better than Alex. Learn from him just as I have!”


Author and Founder of "Thrive After Divorce"

“Alex makes the process of conducting and generating revenue from Teleseminars simple and easy to follow ... it's like a 'paint-by-numbers' approach and it really works!”

Best-Selling Author of "Finish Rich" Series

“Alex Mandossian is definitely hands-down the best professional interviewer I've ever worked with while conducting my Teleseminars.”


Founder of "The Millionaire Mind Intensive"

“Alex is the king of Electronic Marketing.”

CEO of

“Alex has made a huge impact on our company. Listen to him!”

 Alex, I'm Ready To Get Started Now » 

Now you can apply this same virtual marketing system (the one that has made hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Thought Leaders above) to your own book or information marketing product!

So if you're ready to...

Sell Your Books Faster, Better, And With Less Effort—Even If Major Publishers Have Slammed The Door In Your Face Hundreds Of Times
Uncover Major Affiliates Who Will Literally Clamor To Sell Your Products For You
Develop Strategic Alliance Partners That Can Add Four...Five...Even Six Figures To Your Bank Account With Only One Promotion
Create Something Once...And Make Money On It Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life
Generate Hyper Responsive Lists Of Starving Audiences Almost Instantly
Discover A Brilliantly Elegant (Yet Unbelievably Simple) Technique To Find Out EXACTLY What Your Audience Is Dying To Know
Transform 35,000 Prospects Into $3 Million In Sales

Those are 7 time-tested (and true) headlines I've utilized over the past few years to describe the power of my VBT Secrets™ training because...

...those bullets are actual results many authors I've worked with have experienced. And although I can't guarantee you the same results, I can definitely guarantee that I'll spoon-feed you the skills, tools and know-how to do it for yourself!

What Does That Have To Do With You?

Plenty ... because your story could be featured the next time I update this Open Letter.

It's true.

My VBT Secrets™ course series changes businesses and changes lives. And although I know that sounds a little corny, it's spot-on.

I helped change thousands of lives (personally and professionally) through Teleseminar Secrets. I helped change thousands of lives through my other training courses such as Podcast Secrets™, Stick Strategy Secrets™, Traffic Conversion Secrets™, Marketing With Postcards™, Productivity Secrets™, Internet Optimization Secrets™...

...and I can help change your life both personally and professionally –- if you will allow me -- with my new Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ course.

This is the one and only course that gives you the potential to acquire the wealth and riches you've always deserved promoting books and information products.

I'll teach all that I've learned ever since that fateful evening during the Al and Tipper Gore book signing I told you about several thousand words ago.

Watch These Success Stories Recorded Live

Success Story #1: Philippa Burgess

“In one year, Alex's teachings transformed my life, helped me create my first product and increased my business by over 6 FIGURES.”

Success Story #2: Jim Steffen

“I used what Alex taught me and went from losing money to having an 8 FIGURE OFFER for my business.”

Success Story #3: Andrew Colyer

“Alex gives you everything you need to do to grow your business and be successful with TeleSeminars. I've been a student of Alex's for 3 years and I have gone from being a nobody to the Larry King of my business niche.”

I developed the Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ for you – the author or info marketer – who isn't so famous, but who has dreams of becoming famous (and wealthy).

Turns Book Marketing Industry On Its Ear

Look, I could go on and on why my Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ is your fastest, easiest way to become a best selling author... or how it gradually made the book marketing industry obsolete every year I taught it as a live tele-training series...

But the truth is, this remarkable training -- now available for the first time ever as a home-study course -- consists of several easy-to-digest audio modules. You can listen online, download to your iPod, or burn to a CD and listen in your car.

Recently, I hired my copywriter to jot down about 60 bullet points for each Module of the Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ course. His response was "No problem, Alex. You always over-deliver," he responded. "You sure you want just 60 bullets for each Module?" he added.

So in the interest of saving space, we both reluctantly decided cut them down to about 20-25 bullets per Module.

It's really too bad because some amazing benefits got axed, but I think you'll get the picture as you read each of these benefits, bullet-by-bullet ... so keep reading :)

NOTE: Each module focuses on a different aspect of the Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ and Info Marketing model, starting with an important Quick Start Training that's critical to get you jump-started.

Screen Shot of VBTS Members Area

Actually, I offer a bunch more Bonus Trainings on the topics of blogging, article writing, shopping carts, joint ventures, packaging, etc. but these four Modules are your starting point to make your decision to come on board with me.

Module 1: “How To Repurpose Your
Content and Accelerate Your Profits
Faster And Easier”

Each VBT Secrets™ Module is 2+ hours of "didactic" training, followed by another 2+ hours of "experiential" Q&A (during which I answer the "best of the best" questions submitted by students during the 5 years of teaching VBTS as a live tele-training series).

MODULE 1 kicks-off with content-rich information, skills and tools that reveal exactly how the concept of "repurposing" can literally transform your product from a struggling also-ran to a revenue-generating dynamo in a few easy steps.

Inside Module 1, you'll discover...

Why The Current Publishing Model Is Now Obsolete...And The Sink-Or-Swim Changes You MUST Make To Ensure Success
18 Tried-And-True Tactics To Transform Your Struggling Sales Into A Seven
Figure Goldmine
How To Turn A Freely Available Public Domain Item Into Your Own Personal ATM In Just Minutes
Alex's Foolproof Method To Getting Strategic Alliance Partners Literally Clamoring To Sell Your Product (Including Me!)
How To Keep Your "Baby" From Ending Up In A Toilet Stall (And Not To Be Read)...This One May SHOCK You
How To Create Something Once...And Make Money On It Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life
An Easy-To-Implement Marketing Strategy That Alex's Friends Said Would Never Work...Until He Pocketed $180,310.00 From It
How To Instantly Add 30%...40%...even 50% To Your Profit Margin With Just One Simple Tweak To Your Marketing
How A Budding Author Brought 1,000,000 Visitors To His Website Using A Simple Viral Marketing Tactic Any 10-Year Old Could Implement
The 4 Step Action Plan That Will Skyrocket Sales And Put Your Book's Profits
On Auto-Pilot
The Single Most Important Aspect That Compels Prospects To Buy Your Book...Before They Even Open The Cover
Instant Access To Alex's Own Private Resource List That Makes Him Millions of Dollars Every Year
Watch These Success Stories Recorded Live

Success Story #4: Carolyn Ellis

“My registrations have tripled and I now have a system in place that allows me to quickly develop and deliver content easily.”

Success Story #5: Dr. Jason Deitch

“The information I'm learning from Alex is absolutely revolutionary, and is making it possible for me to achieve my long term goals.”

Success Story #6: Judith Sherven

“. . . TeleSeminars promote your expertise and expand your cause, without a doubt.”

Success Story #7: Steve Mackel

“I love what I am learning from Alex. This is the best use of my time and money to expand my business.”

A Seldom Used Technique For Connecting With Your Audience That's 100% Guaranteed Never To End Up Lost In A Spam Filter
How To Get FREE Access To A Killer Mastermind Group Who Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster And Easier Than Ever
How A Budding Author Found An Entirely New Market For His Book That He Never Knew Existed
An Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Road Map Showing You Exactly How To Launch A Virtual Book Tour With Maximum Profits And Minimal Effort
A Brilliantly Elegant (Yet Unbelievably Simple) Technique To Find Out EXACTLY What Your Audience Is Dying To Know
A Secret Tactic To Sell Loads Of Books Before Holding Your First Virtual Book Tour
The Most Powerful Tool For Increasing Traffic, Building Massive Prospect Lists, And Adding Even More Profits To Your Bottom Line...With Only A Few Minutes Work
Every Week
How A One-Time Gift Can Translate Into A Lifetime Of Cash Flow (And It Takes Practically No Work On Your End)
The Easiest Way To Start Building Content For Your Book—With No Writer's
Block Whatsoever

All this and much, much more!

Remember, I can't possibly convey how much value you get from these first 4+ hours of tele-training. You must experience it to believe.

Click here to get started now...

"Alex has created many teleseminar methods that are rapidly becoming standard operating procedure in business."

Marlon Sanders father of the two-page online sales letter, founder of

Module 2: “How to Build Ultra-Responsive Online Lists Even Starting From Scratch”

In this module, I reveal my personal time-proven tactics for generating a buzz (and I mean a BIG buzz) around a product...and translating that into a monster payday.

It's another 4+ hours of content, Q & A, and more revelations how almost any Virtual Book Tour can create massive lists of starving audiences almost instantly.

You want to listen to this Module not once, not twice... but three or more times!

Inside Module 2 You'll Discover...

The Secret To Creating Marketing Intimacy...And Why It's Crucial To Your Sales
5 Things You Can Do Today To Capture A Gigantic List Of Buyers
21 List Building Opportunities (And How You Can Tap Into Many Of Them Today...
How A Blog Post Can Translate Into A Tidal Wave Of Traffic (And It Doesn't Cost
You A Penny)
A Seldom Used, Yet High-Impact Way To Get Automatic Traffic With Only A Few Lines Of Text...
An Incredibly Powerful (And Totally FREE) Tool That Will Drive Prospects To Your Site In Just 15 Minutes!
How One Simple Line Of Copy Can Translate Into 500 New Leads Every Year
How A Tiny Change To Your Business Card Can Add 1500 Names To Your List—With No Effort On Your Part!
Why A Joint Venture Is NOT The First Place You Should Look To Build Your List
Alex's #1 Way Of Building Traffic And Branding His Business (And It's NOT What
You Think)
How To Boost Your List By 35% --Or More—With Your Customers Doing All The Work For You
The Secret Source For Getting Your Book Noticed By Highly Influential Radio And
TV Producers
“The greatest problem of communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

An Ultra-Inexpensive Method For Sucking Other People's Buyers Into Your Lists (VERY Powerful, Because Proven Buyers Will Most Likely Purchase Again.)
The Hands-Free Way To Build Instant Online Credibility And Generate Day-In,
Day-Out Traffic
The 4-Step Action Plan To Take Your Book From Struggling To Selling Out In The Fastest Possible Time
10 Remarkable Case Studies You Can Shamelessly Steal From And Apply To Your
Own Business
4 Of My Favorite Resources To Help You Leapfrog From Obscurity To On-The-Map In Less Time Than You Would Think
How One Tiny Change On A Book Cover Can Translate Into Massive Web Traffic
The Single Most Valuable Resource For Getting Your Message In Front Of Tens Of Thousands Of Mega-Targeted Subscribers
4 Easy To Follow Tips To Maximize Your List Building Learning Curve In Minimum Time
6 Under-The-Radar Sources You Must Know About To Help Fast-Forward Your List-Building Efforts
A Mega-Successful Website You Can Model TODAY And Start Making Money With
Your Book
How One Tiny Change On A Book Cover Can Translate Into Massive Web Traffic
Want To Get Paid While Building A List? (I Do It All The Time...And I'll Show You How In This Module)
How Giving Away A Couple Of Free Chapters Can Translate Into An Avalanche
Of Opt-Ins
How To Find Out What Your Audience REALLY Wants...Before Writing One Word

All that and MORE!

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”

~ T. S. Eliot

Even More Success Stories On Video

Success Story #8: Morty and
Shelly Lefkoe

“I have never seen anyone give so much with so much integrity and authenticity. Alex makes a huge contribution to your business and your life.”

Success Story #9: Edward Rodriguez

“Alex taught me how to expand my business worldwide, double my income, and spend more time with my family. Who could ask for more than that?”

Success Story #10: Michelle PW

“. . . My business more than doubled in 6 months.”

Have I convinced you to to put the power of Virtual Book Tours™ to work for you yet?

If your answer is YES, click here to get started now...

 Alex, I'm Ready To Get Started Now » 
“True discovery consists not in finding new landscapes, but in seeing the same landscape with new eyes.”

~ Marcel Proust


Module 3: “How to Promote and Sell More Books (and Info Products) with Teleseminars”

In Module 3, I unveil how my "bread-and-butter" teleseminar virtually transformed my business and turned my annual income into a daily income more than 60 times.

I offer you some really powerful stuff here, so please read on carefully, okay?

Make sure you're comfortable and have a big pad of paper when this one're going to need it.

During Module 3 you'll discover...

The One Thing You MUST Do Before Starting Your Teleseminar To Boost Your Audience's Response
Over 17 Embarrassing Teleseminar Marketing Mistakes...And How To Avoid Each And Every One Of Them
How Pressing 3 Buttons On Your Phone Can Increase Your Recording Quality by 1000% Or More In Some Cases
The one crucial error that can cause your audience to instantly mistrust you (avoid this and you'll become wealthier faster - guaranteed!)
An Amazingly Easy Method For Keeping An Audience Riveted To The Topic (Not To Mention Your Sales Message)
The "Duh" Mistake I've Made Dozens Of Times...And How I FINALLY Overcame It Once-And-For-All

"Alex has a system and organized approach that is very, very simple and easy to follow"

Declan Dunn Dunn Direct Group

A Simple Technique (Hint: We Learned It In Kindergarten) That Will Save You From Red-Faced Embarrassment When Introducing Your Guest
The One Question To Ask Your Guests That Will Suck Your Listeners In And Have Them Glued To Their Phones Throughout The Call
Two Buttons That Can Make Your Teleseminar Replay A Breeze For Your Prospects To Listen To
The One Thing To Do (On The Day Of Your Call) That Will Double Or Even TRIPLE Your Number Of Listeners
From Pizza Orders To Burping Guests: My Most Embarrassing Teleseminar Moments (Get Ready To Laugh)
How To Stamp Your Sales Message On Your Prospect's Brain—And Keep It There
How To Turn A FREE Virtual Book Tour Into A $90 Million Dollar Payday
The One Piece Of Software I Use To Capture Memorable Web Pages In Just
A Few Seconds
The Essential Writer's Resource That Transforms Your Words From Pass to POWERFUL With One Click
5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Live To Ensure Your Teleseminar's
Quantum Success
How To Achieve A Level Of Focus That "Splits Arrows" (Extremely Powerful)
The 6 Components That Transform Good Teleseminars into GREAT Teleseminars
The Secret Power Behind The World's Best Selling Book...And How You Can Use It To Your Advantage Today
The Power Of Confession...And How To Utilize It To Maximize Your Results
“The only things worth learning are the things you learn after you know it all.”

~ Harry S. Truman

My 9-Step Teleseminar Timeline That Puts Your Response Rates On Steroids
The 6 Principles You Must Include In Every Teleseminar To Ethically Influence
Your Listeners
A Hidden (But Absolutely FREE) Resource For Finding Winning Titles, Subtitles, And Sales Copy—Instantly
4 Call-To-Action Techniques That Are Both Cost-Efficient And Proven To Work...Time And Time Again
9 "Action Devices" That Capture Sales FAST

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"No one knows more about marketing and making money with teleseminars."

Alexandria Brown The Ezine Queen


Module 4: “How to Outsource Your Busywork to Ultra-Reliable Vendors From My Network”

Why do it all yourself?

That's the question I asked myself nearly a decade ago and my professional life has never been the same. With my "Vendor Teams" in place (teams I can personally introduce you to ... even show you how to put in place)... can quickly and easily (and affordably) outsource the bothersome tasks that suck up your valuable time (like "energy vampires") so you can concentrate on what you do best—making money faster!

In Module Four, I open-up my Business Rolodex and reveal my secret weapons for generating millions of dollars every year while working as little as possible.

These Team members are the best of the best at what they do, and you'll get all their contact information as part of Virtual Book Tour Secrets™.

Here's a few of the gold nuggets you'll uncover inside...

The Single Biggest Impact On Your "Freedom"...And Why It's So Important
To Your Business
How To Build A "Virtual Bench" That Can Help You Make Millions
Why Affiliates Are NOT The Most Valuable Asset In Your Business
The Most Overlooked Secret To Success (And It's Been Under Your Nose All Along)
The Perfect Time Frame For An Initial Consultation...And Why Going Longer Is
A Red Flag
How To Keep A Vendor From "Vomiting" All Over You (You've Got To Hear This)
4 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Doing Business With Someone
The One Attribute Every Successful Vendor Must Have...And Why You Should Fire Them Immediately If They Don't

"There's nobody better at the teleseminar format than Alex Mandossian."

Martin Wales host of Entrepreneur Magazine,
e-biz show, and

The "Keys To The Castle" And Why You Should Celebrate When A Vendor Asks You This Certain Question
How Screwing Up Can Lead To A Relationship That's More Meaningful (and Profitable)
Why You Should Rejoice If A Vendor Doesn't Have Time To Work With You
"Organic Sticking Points"...And Why They're So Crucial To Finding A Winning Vendor
If Your Vendor Pulls This Tactic, You Can Never Trust Them Again...I'll Tell You
What It Is
How To Turn Snags Caused By Other Vendors Into A Cash Generating Machine
For Your Business
I'll Hire A Vendor Based On This One Attribute Over Someone Who's 100 Times More Talented—EVERY TIME...And I'll Tell You What It Is
3 Personality Traits To Look For In A Vendor...And Why You Should Never Hire Them If One Pops Up
How To Easily Find People Who Play At Things You Have To Work At
A Very Simple (But Highly Effective) Way To Build Rapport With Vendors
2 Fantastic Tools (That Cost Less Than A Soda) You Can Use To Boost Profits TODAY
The Fastest, Easiest Way To Hire A Copywriter Who Knows Your Product Inside
And Out

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“If we met here 3 years from today ...what has to have happened during that time period (both personally and professionally) for you to feel satisfied or even wildly successful about your progress?” 

Tele-Trainings to Accelerate Your Book
and Info Marketing Success

If you've ever heard me speak or purchased one of my Continuing Education (CE) systems before, you know how I always go overboard with my promises :-)

And not just a little...but a LOT.

If you're an Alumnus of my Teleseminar Secrets™ (TSS), Stick Strategy Secrets™ (SSS), Traffic Conversion Secrets™ (TCS) or Podcast Secrets™ (PCS) trainings, you already know this to be an "unarguable truth."

I'm committed to spoon-feeding you way more than your money's worth because I want you to have the skills and tools to succeed in the shortest time possible.

And the Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ training is no exception.

But I'm not going to give you just a couple of quick bonus tele-trainings to "fluff-up" my special offer.

I give you instant access to bonus tele-trainings—nearly TWICE the amount of the modules—each engineered specifically to help you get going, get buyers, and get profitable faster, easier, and with less effort.

They're co-taught by some of my most success students and colleagues who have already taken the Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ training in previous years.

Inside the VBT Secrets™ Bonus Calls

Here's who you'll meet and what you get, in addition to the core training Modules.

Jeff Herring
(Article Coach)
Article Info Marketing Secrets: Jeff will show you how to write articles in less time, get your info products in front of more eyes to create a massive web presence, build a highly qualified and highly responsive list of gold, and create multiple information products to build their information empire.

Christina Hills
(Shopping Cart Coach)
Shopping Cart Marketing Secrets: Christina Hills, "The Shopping Cart Queen", is an e-Commerce specialist. She helps tech-challenges entrepreneurs how to utilize shopping cart systems, membership programs, blogging software, and autoresponder systems through her unique 'user friendly' style.

Dan Safkow
(Portable Media Coach)
Portable Media Marketing Secrets:  Dan Safkow leveraged his passions for learning into a unique service after discovering that he had 1-2 "hidden" hours of each day for continuing education. He will show you how you make your "content" or trainings available to your listeners anywhere, anytime!

Eric Lingenfelter
(Web Tools Coach)
Tech-Driven Marketing Secrets: Eric is known to many as the "Marketing Technologies" go-to-guy for many online info-marketers. He manages over 1,200 Websites owned by a variety of clients ranging from small startups to large public firms and developed all the templates and "Ask" pages.

Joel Orr
(Self-Publishing Coach)
Self-Publishing Secrets:  If you’re interested in writing a book and self-publishing it? Joel teaches you on how to "structure" your book to make the writing easier and has a quick and simple guide to take you through the entire process from choosing your topic, to outlining your table of contents.

Marc Harty
(Web PR Coach)
Web Publicity Secrets:  Marc is the author of "21 Targeted Traffic Methods at Zero Ad Cost" and publisher of PR Traffic, the first and most comprehensive online press release system.  He can teach you how to get massive truckloads of website visitors utilizing his Web PR secrets.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
(Web Copywriting Coach)
Web Copywriting Secrets: Lorrie is the most successful female copywriter in the entrepreneur market. Her background in journalism and acting prepared her for the competitive nature of copywriting and she can teach you how to write world-class web copy, even if you struggle with writer's block.

John Kremer
(Book Marketing Coach)
Book Marketing Secrets: John Kremer consults in the areas of book sales, book promotion, publicity, direct marketing, pricing, book titles, book covers, book marketing plans, book proposals, and general planning for any author. His "1001 Ways to Market Your Book" belongs in every info marketing library.
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 142+ private vendors to outsource "busywork"
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Alex's Tested Website Templates
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Alex's Tested Email Templates
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Literary Circle (MasterMind) Software
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Alex's Private Vendor List

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Alex's Private Resource List

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Study Buddy
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Lifetime Alumni Access

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